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French women are famous for taking pride in self-care; and intimates are no exception. That even under that most ordinary outfit, a French woman prides herself in wearing beautiful intimates: gorgeous corsets, and foundation pieces. Even women mature in their age hold this standard. And I love it. It says a lot about priorities, that you celebrate your body and honor it with beautiful intimate-wear. That you wear it to feel good; you wear it for YOU.

Years ago, I interviewed at a luxury lingerie boutique. It was the tiniest of shops, with limited selections. However, the QUALITY was evident in each carefully curated piece, and glitzy ambience of the shop. They carried luxury brands like La Perla, Stella McCartney and Coco de Mer. The value was in the EXPERIENCE, not the QUANTITY.

Lovely shades of pastel intimates.

Lovely shades of pastel intimates.

The first layer you wear sets the tone: I am worth it.


Certainly, there is wonderful value in investing in high-end intimate pieces. They last longer, and are a fabulous boost to your self-confidence. What woman doesn’t appreciate beautifully-fitting bras and underwear? But when you’re in a season of life where you body feels in-flux, like from pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight gain/loss, I personally find it difficult to shell out a lot of money for high-end lingerie. It needs to fit, be attractive, but be affordable enough to pack-up when my size shifts.

Here’s the Deal I wasn’t expecting…

Panty sets of 2 or 3; $8.00 per set.

Panty sets of 2 or 3; $8.00 per set.

While grocery-shopping at FRED MEYER, I stumbled upon the intimates section. And check out these prices. $8.00. Yes, these are listed as Junior’s, but the fit & quality were pretty darn comfortable. The Sales clerk I spoke with was impressed with the deep discount too, the bras specifically retailed for around $20.00.


It’s hard to say how long this sale will run, so if you find yourself at Freddie’s, do peruse this department. I ended up buying 3 different colors: “sensible” shades, and one bright coral. Because, why not!

Happy Shopping & remember to
Treat Yo Self!

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