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September will always be a season of new beginnings. As a child, the world seemed to revolve around school—it was a time for new outfits, back-to-school supplies & school pictures. A season of reconnecting with friends, crushes and thinking about Homecoming. 


We were starry-eyed newlyweds; barely even “grown-ups.”

When Chad and I married 10 years ago, September marked a new season: marriage, commitment & joyful beginnings into the unknown. I had met this handsome boy while swing-dancing at an old ballroom in Seattle. I had no idea what I was doing, but said Yes when he asked me to dance.

Pretty similar to saying Yes to his proposal about a year later—no idea what I was really getting into. And yet, unbelievably glad that I’d taken the leap. 

Being the indie kids that we were, our wedding playlist ranged from Ryan Adams, Explosions in the Sky and New Order. To reminisce on our swing dancing days, we even had an authentic jazz band play during our reception. It was incredibly charming and fun.

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September now marks our daughter’s birthday too, she was born just one week ahead of our anniversary. Her birth coincided with a Sigur Rós concert we had tickets to—needless to say, we never made it to that show!

The time has flown by–

Countless hikes, bowls of Pho and episodes of The Office later, we are still having fun. We’ve had three moves, two babies, and a puppy since then. We are still figuring life out. It is far from being roses all the time. My love and I argue just like any couple; make mistakes, and struggle through certain seasons that are plain old hard. Moving, having babies and career changes take their toll. But we rarely ever go to bed mad. Our faith has protected and unified us through humbling times. 

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And so here we are, taking it on: one day and one prayer at a time. Chad is my person who feels like home. I am forever grateful that he asked me to dance.