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Goals. This word conjures tired ideas of New Years Resolutions, weight loss and vague ideas of an ideal self. I cracked open my Business Boutique Goal Planner today (well behind the January 1st start date) and got busy. It was 5:30am. On a Saturday. How...?? This wasn’t like me at all. But I got to work writing down goals anyway. Even as my words stared back at me on the page, I heard my doubts creep in: Wow, you’ve really got your work cut out. How are you going to manage this with a 3rd baby due in a few months? Ha! You NEVER get up early, how are you going to pull this off?

“If I don’t write my goals down, I haven’t failed yet.”

An annoying truth about procrastination. Because what perfectionist can improve their life if they can’t admit a tendency to Put off the thing they really want to do. 

And I sat there at the breakfast table with my muffin & coffee and cried. I prayed. I re-read a verse I’d highlighted last week: “I do my best with the energy God so graciously gives me.” [Colossians 1:29]


I feel as though I’m a hiker staring up a mountain. With all of her shiny gear, but no map. Afraid of how hard it’s going to be. The blisters, the side cramps, the sweat.

And I felt God remind me that He provides the trail; my direction. He will guide me and keep me from falling. It will be hard. I will want to quit. But the view will be beautiful, and the journey worth it. As there is no trailhead to finish at—it’s my whole life. Each day will start with a morning, traveling forward, and an evening where I will have to let go of unrealistic expectations not accomplished in that particular 24 hours. I can do this. I can do my best the strength I have each day.

It’s time to start.

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