Mothers are Mighty

Mother’s Day was not the day I had pictured in my head. Even knowing Chad would be laid up on the couch recovering from knee surgery. Even being overwhelmed from crafting a sermon to share at church that Sunday. Not to mention some graphic design projects awaiting me too. 


But my family was there waiting for me, eager & ready to help with the kids. My parents, sister & her boyfriend all lent a hand in keeping the little people occupied. Not just at church, but at the cute diner afterward. 


It wasn’t a smooth day. I probably should’ve changed my mind about giving the sermon. I would have loved to take a nap instead of being the caretaker at home. There were some weepy meltdowns that week prior to Chad’s surgery AND while I wrote my message for Sunday. 

But I try not to complain too much about this beautiful life. I don’t want to complain about what I prayed for.


I wouldn’t trade this role for anything. Mother of toddlers: Kissing them at bedtime, their little faces & wild hair, I no longer care about this particular crazy morning. I don’t feel entitled to a perfect Mother’s Day. Later Finn would tell me: “You’re the best Mom I ever seen.” This is what it’s all about for me. These little people are my heart.