39 Weeks Pregnant

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At 39 weeks pregnant, I am eagerly awaiting going into labor. The nervousness is starting to set in, remembering the pain with my other deliveries. Even studying hypnobirthing to lessen the fear (and obvious pain) associated with labor, it is still the most difficult thing my body has ever endured.

Let’s be clear though: I am NOT looking forward to childbirth.

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I am strong and God is able.

This pregnancy hasn’t felt easier than the first two, but somehow the knowledge of what’s to come AFTER labor is equipping me with peace. Right before my first baby was born, this feeling of sadness really struck me–this beautiful season of pregnancy was concluding. I had really grown to love my changing body and how motherhood felt on me. I had been obsessed with photographing each week’s belly picture: for the pregnancy journal I never finished.

The third time around, I truly know the adventure begins AFTER baby comes. I’ll still miss my big pregnant tummy; the baby kicking, and my silky strong hair, strong fingernails and clear skin. But the absence of nausea will be welcomed, along with the intense heartburn and swollen ankles. I’ll be able to pick up toys off the floor with relative ease, and buckle my sandals all by myself! 

Each season is good. It is a gift.

Even the long days that stretch me to exhaustion have a purpose. As I approach the difficult burden of labor, I will go forward knowing I have done this twice before. I can and I will get through the hours of labor, because I am strong and God is able.

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