Beach House


You’ve seen them: beach shacks mixed in with luxury houses and high-rise condos. I used to wonder if those homeowners felt embarrassed at their faded, unimpressive cottages. And then I would think, well at least they OWN their homes, who cares what they look like…

These were the kind of comparisons I used to ponder. It was a mentality filled with pessimism thinking: We’ll never be able to afford our own home. How could that ever happen for us?

How and when these thoughts started to creep in is hard to say. But I’m pretty sure they tie in with comparing myself to others. This discontentment could be blamed on no one but myself. 

But last year, the time came for us to start looking for a home to buy. And I had a different outlook. Beachfront property was still a long ways out of our budget. But I didn’t care. Through much answered prayer & persistence, we were going to become homeowners. The neighborhood & view suddenly felt way less important when my heart shifted to gratitude

lindy at beach

Mindset Change

My attitude had gone from—this will NEVER happen, to LOOK at all the GOOD that IS happening!

Consider this analogy—We are  like Beach Houses, all facing the same direction; faced with the same decision to make: Comparison or Contentment?

chad & me at the beach

Less HOUSE +


I want to experience more.

This is how I'm reordering my priorities. I want more BEACH; more enjoyment in my life. A life with a goal to stop comparing myself to others.

Katie SundquistComment